Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taste A True Authentic Mexican Huarache Azteca

Huarache Azteca, LA Times and LA Weekly has written articles about this place. One of L.A.'s best, must see and try, for authentic Mexican Huarache experience. The 'sandal,' as it's known in English-a small place, with friendly staff, feels like you're in Tijuana walking into a restaurant. As you walk in, you're eyes are drawn to the ladies working in front of the restaurant, making fresh hand-made quesadillas. Watch as they mix and knead the 'masa' or doe for a few minutes. Then they form the quesadilla into a ball, soon after, it's placed in a flat surface to be flatted or pressed. Finally finishing the process into the frying pan and prepared until slightly crisp and bronze in color. Customers have a choice of filling the quesadilla with meats, and/or adding toppics from cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. The restaurant is known as a neighborhood hole-in-the-wall, located in 5225 York Blvd, and can easily be accessed at the 11o and 2 Freeway.

El Huarache Azteca - Comida Mexicana
Huaraches.Sabrosisimos.Burritos.Sopes y mas.Espaciales del Dia.Milanesa C.Asada
5225 York Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90042
A true Mexican experience.
A popular place, often times long lines form, just to get a taste.
Watch fresh hand made quesadillas in traditional way, as you lounge at the sidewalk; people watching and enjoying your meal.

Aguas Frescas

Hand made quesadilla with carne asada. Topped with lettuce, sour cream, and cheese.

Photo story by: Russo Mutuc

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