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Food Hunting Latin Cultures: El Morfi Grill Parillada Argentina

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Tonight, our quest to connect and learn about Spanish and Latin cultures continues. We went on a food hunt, and came across El Morfi Grill, in Glendale, California. The restaurant is known for home style Argentine cuisine. In their website it states, "Southern South America was settled by émigrés form both Italy and Spain. The result is that pizza and pastas are a significant part of El Morfi's menu. Argentina's flourishing cattle industry -from the gauchos to modern time- add grilled and bar-b-que meats, sausages and mollejas to the mix for a unique combination of entrées (Parrillada Argentina.)" Read more...

The ambiance is something to appreciate, the exposed brick wall created a mood and a vintage feel. The sounds of tango playing in the background helped create the feeling of a true authentic Argentinian restaurant, while Argentinian patrons dine the night away with their families.

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We started our exploration with salad, bread with chimichurri, and a glass of "Orfila" (Torrentes) white wine.

The salad was average, really not much to say about it. We also had the bread along with chimichurri to spread on top, was quite tasty. We ended up having several baskets of bread during the course of the meal.

The wine was really good, not too dry, just right for the meal. Orfila (Torrentes) is from Mendoza, Argentina

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Continuing on with the meal, our main course was delicious. We ordered the house special for the night. Pasta with Rib eye steak, ordered well done. The steak was well marinated and it didn't need any additional sauces or spices.

The service was fantastic, the waiters took the time to talk with us, educated us a bit on the food and wine. We got to know a little bit about their Latin background, which helped us appreciate the experience of Spanish Latin cultures.

We encourage our viewers and fans to explore and share with us your experience in discovering the culture and personality of the Spanish and Latinos.

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