Saturday, March 24, 2012

Make Great Tortillas With Tortilladora de Pina (Tortilla Press)

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We recently went to the local super market that specializes in imported goods from Latin America. While walking around the aisles, from the fruits and vegetable section, we stumbled upon the Tortilladora de Pina, made from Mexico. This wooden made tortilla press is a staple of Latin cooking.

Using the press is very simple, first you need the ingredients; Masa harina and water. After mixing both components together and turning it into dough, take small ball pieces and place it in the tortilla press. Then make pancake like tortillas, and 'voilĂ '.

Youtube videos of the Tortilla Press.

Immerse yourself into the Latin culture, and learn in Mexico. Come study the language, food, music, dance, and the people.

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