Monday, May 19, 2014

Sampling Colombian Food at La Fonda Antioqueña

 This place felt like those moments of, "home away from home." Even though I've never been to Colombia - the experience was certainly there. The moment you walk in this place, the aesthetics of the place transcends you to Colombian culture from; the flags, colors, wall art, the Latin customers, and the smell.

The place is relatively small, but that experience of eating close to your neighbor is what made the community feel to it. The lines are LONG! Be advised come early or wait outside to be seated. 

To summarize my food exploration at La Fonda Antioqueña, I took family my family to the restaurant one Sunday afternoon. Each one of them had several different dishes which I was able to sample. Some of the choices we dined on was Pollo Tropical, Pollo al Ajillo, Camarones al Ajillo, Res - Desmechada, and we washed it down with cold refreshing blended fruit drinks.


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